Labyrinth Survivor release date

Labyrinth Survivor level 1

We are happy that we have finally come to projects Labyrinth Survivor release date announcement. Development of Labyrinth Survivor has entered its final stage.  Labyrinth Survivor is planned to go live in Google Play Store on April 1st 2016.

Labyrinth Survivor will be second published game for Gawery – Game Brewery. Project was started in December 17th 2015 with an idea of randomly generated labyrinth.  Randomized Prim’s algorithm was chosen to be used and it worked out well.

Labyrinth Survivor also is our first project, that has integration with Google Play Services – Achievements, Leaderboards and Google In-App purchases. This project gave us great experience for future projects. Google Play Services – Achievements and Leaderboards will be implemented also in upcoming updated version of Karātavas.

There are still some details left to finish until Labyrinth Survivor release date. Sword fighting is not yet included. Design needs some polishing. There are still some achievements, that are not completely functional and tested. But we still hope to finish this game in time.