Project “Karātavas” is classical word guessing game “hangman” in Latvian.

This game will have few additional game modes, than simple word guessing, but that will be announced later.

For now this game will be only in Latvian language, because there are already plenty in English.

Game has achievements system and diamonds, that can be earned by completing achievements or spent during gameplay.

You can get our game here:

Karātavas on Google Play


Opera Mobile Store

Type: 2D, Board Game

Platforms: Android (iPhone)

Genre: Strategy, Board Game

Status: Published

Current version: v1.02

Engine: Unity3D

Project started: 04.10.2015

Release Date: 04.11.2015

Latest Updates


Our first game is finaly out in public. After a month of development version 1.00 is ready for publishing.


Third version is released. Added achievements. Introducing diamonds, that can be earned by completing achievements and spent in various ways (Ok ok currently works only one type of diamond spending – opening unknown letters). Download instalation here: Karatavas v0.3.apk


Second version is released. Did some work to fancy up game design. Now it looks slightly better than demo blocks. Big thanks to “Kenny” asset pack. Download instalation here: Karatavas v0.2.apk


First test version is released. It is still with temporary graphics, but it has most of the basic functionality. Download instalation here: Karatavas v0.1.apk

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